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Eva M. Paar

Born 1977 in and grown up in Salzburg (Austria), Eva M. Paar works and lives in Linz (AT). A great city of new culture, inspiration and creativity. Since the breakout of her illness on multiple sclerosis in 2000/2001, she creates oil paintings and analog photographic artwork in her own, unique style.


Please take a moment to dive into my world of thoughts.

The emptiness of a canvas is like a good friend to me, waiting for me to tell it a story. With every brushstroke, every layer of paint, I take you on a journey where the canvas becomes my confidant.

The creation of my artworks is both a physical and mental challenge. Each act requires strength and concentration, while at the same time, my soul pours into the work. My motivation is driven by international role models who have paved the paths in art before me.

Behind many of my works, there's a historical background, a connection to the past that I revitalize in a modern way. Old themes find themselves in my contemporary exploration, giving rise to the RELAXED FORMATION that allows the viewer to tread new paths.

Earthy tones form the foundation of my being. They reflect my emotions, my experiences, and my essence. Yet, not everything is immediately visible. Some aspects of my photographs and oil paintings remain behind a curtain, and only through intense observation is the true essence revealed.

Through an illness, the thirst for more art was awakened within me. Themes like celebrities and Hollywood might seem superficial, but my art goes deeper. It engages with current events and historical occurrences. When viewed voyeuristically, the painting might appear insignificant at first, while gaining its full significance from a distance.

My art is experimental, a play of lines and shapes that defines the RELAXED FORMATION for me. I believe art gives each work a substantial character, a depth that goes beyond the obvious. And when you look at my exhibits, you not only see the past but also catch a glimpse of the future. Because art is timeless, bridging generations and telling stories that haven't been written yet.

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Artist Statement - "Relaxed Formation"


She represents humans or abstracted figures by a play of parallel and differently broad lines. Eva M. Paar primary uses earth-colors, in order to give a warm and pleasant character to the oil paintings, which stands in contrast to the often coolly selected motives. Represented humans and scenes do not only dissolve by differently broad lines, but close together lying color gradations support the realistic effect from the distance. They let more exact outlines as well as shade develop.

The second half of the 20th century is located in the center of her present work. By icons of the sixties, and a juvenile manner innocent models of the present, up to socio topics, reflect in her dynamic poses and scenes.

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Artist Statement - "Analog B&W Photography"

In contrast to the "Relaxed Formation" the second activity of the artist is the black and white 35mm photography. Realistic objects such as trees are displayed very unreal. Due to the multiple exposure of the film on the one hand the motives develop a very mysterious and alien existence. While on the other hand this effect is reinforced by the transformation into the "digital world". Because of the digitization idiosyncratic colors come to light and make the "spirit" of the object visible to the watcher. In other places Eva M. Paar amplifies this effect by minimal digital processing.
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Future Exhibitions / Events

2023/09 ArtTime Gallery / Udine (IT)
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Past Exhibitions

2018/02 Castel Nuovo / Naples (IT) by nartwork
  Exhibition Youtube
2017/12 Spectrum Miami / Miami (US)
2017/09 7th Beijing International Art Biennale (CN)
  Exhibition catalog
2017/07 Gallery Rosso Cinabro / Rome (IT)
  Flyer1 Flyer2 Exhibition
2017/04 ArtExpo NY (US)
  Flyer and catalog page Exhibition
2017/04 ArtTime Gallery / Udine (IT)
  Flyer Youtube OnlineMag Exhibition
2017/03 Gran Canaria Art Gallery / Las Palmas (ES)
  January flyer February flyer March flyer
  Exhibition Plate
2016/11 Spectrum Miami / Miami (US)
2016/10 Quirinus Art Gallery / Köping (SE)
2015/12 Artprotagonist 2015, Villa Contarini (PD, IT)
  Invitation Catalog Exhibition VIDEO
2015/10 Cypress College Art Gallery, Los Angeles (US)
  Invitation1 Invitation2 Critics (EN) Critics (IT)
2015/07 Art Expo Milano / Milano (IT)
2015/06 Carrousel du Louvre, Art Shopping / Paris (FR)
  Flyer EA-Editore Gallery Exhibition
2015/05 The Contemporary Art in Vatican 2015 , Cancelleria Palace / Rome (IT)
2015/05 Piazza del Popolo / Rome (IT)
  Press release Invitation Flyer Exhibition
2015/04 Bienal de Arte Barcelona, MEAM (ES)
  Press release (IT, ES, EN) Invitation (EN) Exhibition
2015/03 Modern Art Civic Museum Sciortino Monreale / Monreale (IT)
  Press release (IT) PR-Translated (EN) Catalog (excerpt)
2015/03 Galata Museo del Mare / Genoa (IT)
  Flyer / Catalog Appreciation Video (Youtube)
2015/02 Florence Art, Palazzo Guicciardini / Florence (IT)
2015/01 The Four Seasons, Curated by USIA / MODERN, Ritz Four Seasons / Lisbon (PT)
2015/01 2nd International Art Biennale of Palermo (IT)
2014/12 European Biennial Paris (FR)
2014/04 USIA - Bulgari Hotel & Residences / London (UK)
2014/03 La Galleria Pall Mall / London (UK)
  Exhibition Opening reception
2013/04 Colorida Art Gallery / Lisbon (PT)
2012/09 5th Beijing International Art Biennale (CN)
  Opening reception
2012/08 Creative City - London 2012 Art Exhibition (UK)
(formerly "Olympic Fine Arts 2012")
2011/09 Biennale of Chianciano 2011 / Chianciano (IT)
2011/07 Gallery Kertész 29 / Budapest (HU)
2010/11 Primo Piano LivinGallery / Lecce (IT) - Cuore Pop
  Invitation-Front Invitaion-Back Press
2010/10 Art fair - Art & Living Rotterdam (NL)
2010/10 Primo Piano LivinGallery / Lecce (IT) - Hidden Faces
  Exhibition Press release (IT)
2010/09 4th Beijing International Art Biennale (CN)
2010/08 That Gallery / Hong Kong (CN)
2010/07 Artists Heaven Gallery / Florida (US) - Summer Show
2010/03 North Charleston City Gallery (US)
2010/01 Arthouse Co-op (US)
2009/11 Art fair Salzburg (AT)
  Opening reception
2009/10 Gallery Boehner / Mannheim (DE)
  Article Exhibition Flyer
2009/07 APW Gallery / NY (US)
2009/06 Artists' Heaven Gallery / Ft Lauderdale, Florida (US)
2009/03 Bridge Art Fair / NY (US)
2009/01 Gallery M Beck / Homburg (DE)
2008/10 Parkdale Gallery / Ottawa (CA)
  Gallery Newsletter Exhibition
2008/10 LACDA / Los Angeles (US)
Snap to Grid, exhbition of digital artwork
  Opening day
2008/09 4th Rokycany Biennial in Graphic Arts / Rokycany (CZ) - only authorized artist from Austria
2008/07 Palos Verdes Art Center / Palos Verdes (US)
2008/07 Gallery Gora / Montreal (CA)
2008/06 Gallery Artodrome / Forchheim (DE)
2008/03 Timesigns 2008 / Filderstadt (DE)
2008/02 ArtExpo NY (US), represented by Gallery Artodrome
2008/02 Art fair Osnabrueck (DE)
  Exhibition Catalog
2008/02 Gallery in the Vault / Vorchdorf (AT)
2007/11 Gallery Artodrome / Forchheim, near Nuernberg (DE)
  Opening reception
2007/11 Art fair Salzburg (AT), represented by Gallery Boehner
  Exhibition Opening reception Catalog Article
2007/09 Gallery Boehner / Mannheim (DE)
  Exhibition Article
2007/09 LACDA / Los Angeles (US)
Snap to Grid, exhbition of digital artwork
  Opening day
2007/07 33 Collective Gallery / Chicago (US)
Self Portrait exhibition
  Exhibition, opening day
2007/05 Infusion Gallery / Los Angeles (US)
  Exhibition Participating artists
2007/04 Timesigns 2007 / Filderstadt (DE)
2006/11 Art fair Salzburg 2006 (AT), represented by Gallery Boehner
  Set-up Opening day, exhibition Catalog
2006/08 Art Domain Gallery / Leipzig (DE)
5. Palm Award Exhibition
  Opening day
2006/07 Gallery of the Middle / Linz (AT), solo exhibition “Romantic Reduction”, 50 art work
  Opening day Exhibition
2006/05 Folklore House / Ried im Innkreis (AT), community exhibition "OOEKB"
2006/04 Art fair Akzenta Graz (AT), represented by Gallery Boehner
  Exhibition Catalog Article
2006/03 Accident Hospital / Linz (AT), community exhibition "OOEKB"
2005/12 Gallery of the Middle / Linz (AT), with A. Otte and H. Wohlschlager
  Opening day
2005/11 Art fair Salzburg 2005 (AT), represented by Gallery Boehner / Mannheim
  Opening day Article Catalog
2005/08 Gallery Of The Middle / Linz (AT) Community exhibition
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Awards / Qualification

2017 Interview on Singulart by Muriel Resnik
Website pdf Logo
2016 Art Award "MINERVA - la dea di tutte le arti" by Accademia Italia in Arte Nel Mondo
Nom. Minverva Nom. Minverva Minerva
Sculptutre Catalog1 Catalog2
2015 Art Arward "il David di Gian Lorenzo Bernini by Accademia Italia in Arte Nel Mondo
Nom. Bernini Bernini Sculpture
Sculpture Catalog1 Catalog2
2015 Art Arward "Ommagio a Anne Frank" by Accademia Italia in Arte Nel Mondo
Anne Frank
2015 Oscar dell'Arte (Artexpó Gallery, IT)
Parchment1 Parchment2 Oscar1 Oscar2
2015 Printed in "WECONTEMPORARY" by MUSA International Art Space
Cover Cover  Page1  Page2 Index
2015 Member of the "winning artists" - Artprotagonist 2015, Villa Contarini (PD, IT) Catalog
2015 Rubens Art Price - Lecce (IT)
by Associazione Culturale "Italia in Arte"
Plate Catalog1 Catalog2 Catalog3 Parchment
2015 Printed in "Breathing Art Magazine - Vol. 4" (IT)
Cover 2nd Print page 1 Print page 2
2015 Printed in "International Centemporary Artists Vol. X"
ICA Publishing
ISBN: 9786188000766
Cover 2nd Print Back
2015 Selected as one of 30 "Winning Artists" / out of 200 selected artists for the Artprotagonist 2015 Exhibition in Padova (IT)
2015 Printed in "Effetto Arte" - March/April 2015 (IT)
Parchment Cover Nr.1 Nr.2
2015 Critical essay of art critic Dott. Salvatore Russo (IT)
Critics (EN) Critics (IT)
2014 Printed in "Breathing Art Magazine - Vol. 1" (IT)
2013 Printed in "Women in Art - Volume 1" Edition Fuchs
German: ISBN: 978-3-9503574-0-0
English: ISBN: 978-3-9503574-1-7

2010 Selected as one of three Austrian artist for the 4th Beijing International Art Biennale
2010 Printed in “Best Worldwide Oil Artists – Volume I book series”
Best of Artists & Artisans (BOAA) and Kennedy Publishing (US)
2009 Printed catalog: "Artits Haven Gallery (US)" - "Celebrating 100 Artists"
2009 Printed in “Harvest of a new Millenium”
Cyberwit Publishing (IN)
2008 Art auction "Kiwanis Klub zu Bad Ischl" / Bad Ischl (AT)
2008 Printed in “Who’s Who in Visual Art 2008-2009”
Art Domain Whois Verlag (DE)
German version: ISBN: 978-3-00-023964-9
Front Inside
English version: ISBN: 978-3-00-024580-0

Front Inside
2008 2nd Art prize - Timesigns 2008 / Filderstadt (D)
2008 Listing on the website of the Austrian embassy in Washington DC (US) as famous Austrian artist
2007 Honored Artwork - Timesigns 2007 / Filderstadt (DE)
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